Woman killed as Islamic State rocket hits Turkish school

KILIS , Turkey, woman killed as Islamic State rocket hits Turkish school. Rockets fired by the Isis in Syria struck a middle school in Turkey on Monday, killing one person and injuring three, officials said.

The school is in the city of Kilis, on the Syria-Turkey border.














Three Katyusha rockets were fired from an IS outpost over the border and into Kilis province, Turkey. While two landed in an empty field, one struck the Eyup Goce Imam Middle School, a complex of four schools in the city of Kilis, about six miles from the border.

A female custodian was killed at the primary school, the office of provincial Gov. Suleyman Tapsiz said in a statement. One injured student, a seventh grader, required surgery. All schools in the complex were evacuated.

Tapsiz visited the complex after the incident.

Turkish communities on the 60-mile Syria-Turkey border often sustain artillery fire from the civil war in Syria, and Turkish tanks and artillery struck IS positions in Syria last week after 10 people died in an Istanbul suicide bombing blamed on IS on Jan. 12.

By Ed Adamczyk