Why the State of Kurdistan?

Why the State of Kurdistan? Middle East, Kurdistan of Iraq. The New Mail, Sept 14. A hidden dream  for every Arab citizen that their  unity ,  so why they do not allow the Kurdish state to be established?   Especially that the Kurdish nationalism is characterized by homogeneously naturally and represents the unity . Kurds are  represented by one nation over North Iraq , South of Turkey , North Eastern Syria and North Western  Iran .


Are the Arabs wish for themselves what they hate in others?

In the interest of the Arab countries that the  Kurdish state should have an  absolute rule in the area, it has an important role in the region, at the very least be its support and in line with the Arab role, decisions to influence the West and East. The Kurds enjoyed excellent relations with most European and Western states, those states give  the Kurdish citizens what misses the Arab citizen.

Kurdish forces in  Kurdistan region of Iraq, Erbil specifically has made in two days  the inability of the international coalition to achieve in two years.

Kurds wronged twice:

First: Sykes-Picot agreement and the right to configure an entity that preserves their dignity and independence of the rest of the nations.

The second: racism, nationalism, the majority of Arab countries, and  Middle East   impediment just because of their rights to claim to self-determination, as evidenced by what happened with the Kurds of Iraq, while President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani called on Kurdish people in northern Iraq to hold a referendum , provides the world knowledge of the willingness of Iraq’s Kurds the right to self-determination.Tthe US response  was a resounding on this call when US called all generals region and  world, including the ministers of defences to an important meeting of the international coalition to fight terrorism, but they  ignored  a Kurdish representative , it was a  clear-cut that they don’t care about Kurds.

You may ask who is ignoring  of geography knowledge and complexity  of the Kurds in fighting al Daesh (Isis)  and  international coalition meetings?

Did you know that the Iraqi Kurds have been fighting an open non-calculated results with al Daesh along the border line to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq on the one hand Mosul for more than two years?  And each day there are a dozens of victims of the Kurdish forces( Peshmerga)  in addition to the huge  losses and financial crisis sustained by the region because most of the investment projects stopped due war on  Daesh organization.

Did you know that the Kurdish forces in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Erbil specifically made in two days  the inability of the international coalition to achieve in two years? Kurdish force has made a special operation  a few days ago on the border of the most dangerous city in the world, “Mosul”  this force managed  to defeat the extremist organization and break them in their own home and place of strength , Peshmergah has freed  dozens of villages after that retrieved from the control Daesh, of corse  an air support covered  by the coalition nations, but we must not forget that all the human victims were on the ground, not those who are above the clouds !

Arabs now in dire need of a new leader ,  proving to the whole world through the embrace they had with the realization of rights.

Arab has a historic opportunity if they stood alongside the Kurds and supported them diplomatically, at least in the right to self and realize the dream of a national fair, and no one can  ignore the history of the past and present.

Arabs now in dire need of a new leader , proving to the whole world through the embrace they had with the realization of rights and history records for Arabs and pause magnanimity may forgive them for the restoration of the of Palestine.

At the moment If the Arab opposed the establishment of Kurdistan State, we should not   blame Kurdistan of  becoming  an Iran’s ally !

Mustafa Al Hadeethy

Iraqi journalist

Translated and edited by Bahdin Sevo Sindi

The New Mail News