Whale approaches boat full of tourists in Canada

TADOUSSAC, Quebec, A large whale came within inches of a boat full of tourists in Canada out on a whale-whatching excursion.


Eric Mouellic, who was visiting Canada from France, shared video of the encounter with the whale as it approached the side of the tour boat.

Video shows the large whale approaching the boat with its body poking out of the water near Tadoussac, Quebec, as tourists cheered in amazement before the sea-faring mammal swam underneath the vessel.

“It was already marvelous. Then there were these two finbacks, one of which passed under the Zodiac without touching the boat,” Mouellic told the CBC.

He described the encounter as “magic” and said the group had already seen an abundance of animals including porpoises, seals, belugas and several other whales “within 15 minutes” of leaving the dock.

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