West Bank teen killed after trying to stab guard

West Bank teen killed after trying to stab guard. JERUSALEM,  A 13-year-old Palestinian girl was fatally shot by police after she reportedly rushed at a guard brandishing a knife.

An Israeli soldier from the elite infantry unit stands guard at the Gush Etzion Junction in the West Bank on the road between Jerusalem and Hebron, January 5, 2016. Photo by Debbie Hill/ UPI | License Photo















According to police spokeswoman Luba Samri, Ruqayya Eid Abu Eid left her home in the village of Anata early Saturday after fighting with her family. She allegedly left home carrying a knife “intending to die.” Around 8 a.m., she arrived at the settlement of Anatot, about a mile away. She allegedly ran towards the civilian guard at the entrance, who opened fire. The New York Times reported security footage appeared to confirm Samri’s statement.

Abu Eid’s father arrived at the scene shortly after his daughter had been killed. Police detained him for questioning.

The BBC reported the incident is the latest in a spate of attacks on Israelis by Palestinians. Several of the attackers have been teenagers.

More than 27 Israelis have been killed in attacks — either by being stabbed, shot or run down with cars. By contrast, 155 Palestinians have been killed in what Israel insists is legitimate self defense.

Palestinian authorities and humanitarian groups accuse Israeli police of acting with undue force. Margot Wallstrom, Sweden’s foreign minister, recently called for investigations into what she called “extrajudicial killings” of Palestinians by Israeli forces. Israel’s reaction was swift, slapping Wallstrom with a ban, saying she was no longer welcome in Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Wallstrom’s remarks “outrageous,” “immoral” and “stupid.”

By Ann Marie Awad