We defeated Isis by our old T55 Tank

 By Bahdin Sevo Sindi,

Kurdistan The New Mail, 19/01/2016 A Kurdish Peshmergah who is proud to defend his homeland despite of any circumstance . With used and old weapons they defeated Isis  in  Sinjar.

We defeated Isis by our old T55 Tank
A group of Peshmergah in Sinjar. Photo by Shirzad Tahir, edited by thenewmail











Those brave worrier who had a prominent role in the liberation of Sinjar  and they  bombed Daash sites before the arrival of  Peshmerga. According to the statement of one Peshmargah leader Major Shirzad Tahir Al Sindi ‘’ We have played a prominent role in the operation to liberate Sinjar and yes we succeeded using our old 1970s weapons to defeat Isis.   We had an air support from coalition forces and yes they did help us broadly, but the battlefield was lacking of a heavy weapons and lots of ammunition, all we had was an old T55 Tanks and 122m Cannon but because we do a maintenance regularly it still usable .As a Peshmergah we do succeed in any battlefield   because we believe in our cause as a Kurds we want a freedom, peace and security to live like any other nation  of the world, and we will fight any one who is a threat to our security and homeland , because we have a great and wise leader President Mesud Barzani who is  among us all the time he planes for better future or to encourage our stability on the ground , we really thankful to have him and we will defend Kurdistan till end’’.

As a Peshmergah  we need a support from the international community to supply us with a heavy weapons to be able to defeat Isis easier, also we need a humanitarian aid to rebuild Sinjar because Isis has devastated the city by 70%, also there are more than one Million refugee who fled from Iraq and Syria to live in Kurdistan they need an urgent help . Kurdistan now is facing a huge crises as well as fighting terror .

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