U.S. gives $29M for Afghanistan elections in September

The United States and Afghanistan have finalized the budget for the Afghan election on Sept. 28, which includes a sizable U.S. contribution.

Afghanistan will have elections on Sept. 28 and the United States contributed $29 million toward the effort. Photo by Maiullah

U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass said Washington has given $29 million.

“We are pleased the election budget has finally been finalized,” he said in a statement.

The Independent Election Commission has a total budget of $149 million, $90 million of which was provided by the Kabul government. Bass said he expects all the candidates to follow Afghan law and not use government resources for the election.

“We expect all the candidates, whether they are currently in government positions or not, to refrain from trying to use government resources, whether that’s money, whether that’s the power to appoint people, whether that’s simply going about their business in ways that is intended to benefit their campaign.”

“Conduct of the elections will also be funding independently Afghan domestic observers’ efforts so people have confidence in the way the election is conducted and in the results,” Bass said.

ByNicholas Sakelaris