U.S. Army testing M3 recoilless rifle improvements

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUNDS, Md., The U.S. Army is testing improvement upgrades to the M3 recoilless rifle, making it more ergonomic, lighter and shorter, the service announced Thursday.


Also known as the multi-role anti-armor and anti-personnel weapon system, or MAAWS, the shoulder-fired weapon is being upgraded as part of a foreign technology program, the Army said in a statement.

The upgraded weapon will be known as the M3E1 when testing and qualifications are completed in the spring, at which time it will be available for procurement by all Defense Department branches.

It fires a high-explosive round to engage light armored vehicles, bunkers and soft structures.

The upgraded weapon can fire the existing suite of MAAWS ammunition.

Army engineers and weapons experts worked with Sweden’s Saab Bofors Dynamics to test and qualify the weapon.

By Geoff Ziezulewicz