U.S. airstrike in Libya kills 41 militants

 US-airstrike-in-Libya-kills-41-militants.    SABRATHA , Libya,  At least 41 people were killed Friday by U.S. airstrikes against Isis targets in northwestern Libya, the mayor of a city near a militant camp said.

More than 40 people were reported killed by U.S. airstrikes on a suspected Islamic State target in Sabratha, Libya, on Friday. The attack targeted a building that housed foreign workers, and people from several Arabic countries were among the dead and wounded, local media reported. Sabratha Municipal Council alleges the building was rented to non-Libyan nationals known to have links to Islamic State. Weapons were also found in the rubble of the destroyed building, the council said. Photo by Sabratha Municipal Council via Facebook
















The attacks came as the Obama administration ponders an increase in airstrikes against IS positions in Libya. U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said last week the United States will “keep open the option to do things unilaterally [in Libya].”

The airstrikes hit an encampment of IS recruits in Sabratha, 50 miles west of Tripoli and near Libya’s border with Tunisia. Hussain al-Dawadi, Sabratha’s mayor, said thebodies of 41 people killed in the attack were brought into his city, adding six more people were injured. The majority of the casualties were Tunisian.

The intended target, Tunisian IS operative Noureddine Chouchane, was likely killed, Pentagon officials said.

By Ed Adamczyk