Turkey condemns Russia for violating airspace

 Turkey-condemns-Russia-for-violating-airspace.   ANKARA, Turkey,  Turkey’s foreign ministry claimed that a Russian jet violated Turkish airspace on Friday.

Turkey summoned the Russian ambassador to the foreign ministry after a Russian SU-34 fighter jet reportedly ignored warnings and violated Turkish airspace. Photo by Viacheslav Lopatin/Shutterstock














Turkey called on the Russian envoy, requesting that the Russian ambassador appear in front of the foreign ministry to condemn the violation.

Turkey also stated that “unwanted consequences would be Russia’s responsibility”, as the move was viewed as an attempt to escalate conflict between the two countries.

“A SU-34 plane belonging to Russian Federation air force violated Turkish airspace at 11:46 local time [Friday],” the foreign ministry said, according to BBC.

Turkey claimed that the plane ignored warnings and continued to fly into Turkish airspace.

Turkey had previously complained about Russian planes violating their airspace while carrying out airstrikes in Syria. Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24 fighter jet in a similar incident on Nov. 24.

By Daniel Uria