Today the borders that was drawn by Sykes-Picot agreement has expired, now the new border is drawn by our blood.

Today the borders that was drawn by Sykes-Picot agreement has expired, now the new border is drawn by our blood.
Mesud Barzani the President of Kurdistan,photo editing by thenewmai














The dream of a Kurdistan  state gathered Kurds between Iraq , Iran, Turkey and Syria, the .dream of Old accompanied by the Kurds since the draw political maps in the region after the First World War, this dream has  remained in  Kurds mind  whenever they are. The circumstances and regional variables occasion with convinced that this dream collides with a wall- since its borders,  geography and its sovereignty are effected.

Today the borders that was drawn by Sykes-Picot agreement has expired, now the new border is drawn by our blood












“Today, with the repercussions of ” Arab Spring ” and dramatic developments in the region,  Kurdistan has become entrenched day after day ,now Kurds are  in front of a historic opportunity may not be repeated to achieve the old dream”

Accordingly, the keenness of Kurds state has been  over the past decades to be acceptable nationalist slogans, in order to avoid a clash with the systems of these countries (Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria)  especially as international interests was aimed mostly for the benefit of the relationship with these countries.

Mesud Barzani put forward the establishment of a Kurdish state in Washington at this time to a number of factors:-

The Kurds in Iraq, Syria and even in Turkey (PKK) are now ally of the United States and  West generally force in the ongoing war against the Isis (Daash), and  the United States can rely on them in this war to achieve their goals, at least they  cannot fight a battle against Isis (Daash) without Peshmerga , those worrier (Peshmerga) who have proven their ability in fighting and defeating Isis on the ground , and they (the Kurds) are the  link between Western security they needs them and look forward to bringing international recognition of their rights, although this raises many inquires in the historical relationship between the Iraqi Kurds and Washington, specifically experience Barzani the father (Mustafa Barzani).

Today the borders that was drawn by Sykes-Picot agreement has expired, now the new border is drawn by our blood
Mustafa Barzani also known as Mullah Mustafa was a Kurdish nationalist leader, and the most prominent political figure in modern Kurdish politics.












The Kurdistan Region of Iraq practically managed to extend its control over what was prepared by the disputed areas with Baghdad, particularly Kirkuk, the oil-and gas-rich, and that such control painted geographic region borders and secured its  financial resource position to dispense with Baghdad that were cut during the reign of Nuri al-Maliki the region’s share of  budget and salaries of Kurdistan staff has  stopped .

Today the borders that was drawn by Sykes-Picot agreement has expired, now the new border is drawn by our blood
Pershmega_near Syria June 2014.














In Syria, there is a self Kurdish administration began to make their way with difficulty along the lines of what happened to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the bottom line here, is that the track and field events on the ground began to paint a new geographical map is in favour of Kurdish identity.

Today the borders that was drawn by Sykes-Picot agreement has expired, now the new border is drawn by our blood
Islamic extremists fighting brutal war against Kurds in Syria A dirty little war is grinding on in northern Syria, off the West’s radar and beyond the reach.














Western and regional opening to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, The region and through its institutions parliament, government, army  followed a pragmatic policy has succeeded in weaving relationships with America and Europe, and at the regional level with Turkey, Jordan and the Gulf states and to some extent with Iran.

Thanks to this policy, the region has become an important player in the regional equation and the Iraqi private and strong relations with the rest of the Kurdish forces in other parts make it an important factor in the ongoing regional events. Based on the above, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)  sources talking about there are  approval of  twenty countries so far to recognize Kurdistan state if its declaration, and that efforts are under way in London, Washington and Paris to take out the declaration of a state effort to reality .

Today the borders that was drawn by Sykes-Picot agreement has expired, now the new border is drawn by our blood
Ankara discovers the Kurdish reality, Mesud Barzani meets Rajab Tayib Ardogan.










At the level of the legality of the claim Independence , the Kurds base their demand to a number of ethical, legal and political principles that provide for the right of peoples to self-determination and to identify policy options, the population of Kurds now are more than forty million live in the midst of three major ethnic groups (Arabs, Turks and Persians) are wondering how long they will remain without a national entity? A Barzani’s mouthpiece says  that today  the borders that was drawn by Sykes-Picot agreement has expired,  now the new border is drawn by our blood.

Between  four  countries Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey  where the Kurds exist they prevent the establishment of a Kurdish state in the region, these countries  are claiming that  the establishment of a Kurdish state in any part will affect the Kurdish issue in other parts in the form of claims Kurds will have a  rights and access to demand the establishment of a unified national state which called the big Kurdistan.

Barzani to discuss the fate of Kurdistan in  White House ,deserving internally represents the future of Kurdish Barzani himself outgoing months later, to USA to get  approval to establishment state .

These four countries are  agreed to collaborate and  fight Kurdish movements that has raised these demands, but with the transformation of the Kurds during the past two decades from a regional paper in the hands of one party or another to a regional player, and the explosion of the geography factor and the fall of the Sykes-Picot borders, and possession of more of the elements of power, There are convinced that the issue of establishing a Kurdish state has moved from a dreams and impossible to actually and real.

Turkey is in era of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has more openness on the Kurds, but  its relations with Kurdistan region of Iraq reached to a partnership and strategic level, and during the last period it shows  more recognition reality of  Kurdish. Turkey It may be one of the first countries to recognize the Kurdish state, especially if they  will contribute to finding a solution to their  Kurdish minority in Turkey.

If Iran declares its refusal to establish a Kurdish state under the pretext of preserving the unity of Iraq, well many of  Arab countries, especially Jordan and  Gulf countries, like Kuwait and UAE show more openness to  Kurdistan region of Iraq, and perhaps this can be seen through mutual visits and positive statements, particularly statements  of Jordanian King  Abdullah II on the rights of Kurds.

In addition to these regional positions, Israel seems to be  the most enthusiastic for  establishment of a Kurdistan  state , as they already announced their support for Kurdistan independence , and there is a talk that  Israeli trying their best effort to pressure the United States and  push the  matters towards action .

President Barzani has repeatedly alluded to the possibility of Kurdistan independence, sometimes self-determination name, and the other to impossibility of coexistence with Baghdad  because of the accumulation of chronic differences with it , which moved from the era of the reign of al-Maliki to Haider al-Abadi.

The primary factor that concern Barzani at this stage, is  timing of the declaration of a Kurdish state, The President Mesud Barzani  who belongs to the family that carried the banner of the Kurdish national  over the past century  and he aspires to be in the history as the first Kurdish leader succeed in realizing the dream of an independent. It will be several options  for independence, ranging from southern Sudan experience that have been achieved without bloodshed,  or  the experience of Palestine in the United Nations.

The facts indicate that he is seriously considering the first option, in particular that it formed a special committee to hold a referendum on the fate of the region along the lines of what happened in southern Sudan, but regardless of these options, it is believed that the key to a Kurdish state is in Washington, because of its  large  influence in Kurdistan region , and for its role on the world stage and its impact on the decisions of countries, and its influence in international organizations, and hence its ability to ensure the success of any decision or thwarted.

Today the borders that was drawn by Sykes-Picot agreement has expired, now the new border is drawn by our blood
Kurdistan Flag.











To persuade USA and get approval to declare a Kurdish state Barzani succeeded in establishing  a good relations with  USA’s  administration. He  has met for the third time in the White House during the past few years and under the Kurdistan  flag, was the formation of a joint committee for cooperation between the two sides task is to study ongoing in the Kurdistan  region, the situation and formulate policies common, but Barzani realize that this American openness did not end up dealing with the Kurdish issue as a matter of people demanding independence as far as is part of the USA  strategy towards the region and the location of Kurdistan  in this strategy.

Today the borders that was drawn by Sykes-Picot agreement has expired, now the new border is drawn by our blood
President Barzani meets Obama.









In fact, the two sides differ in their accounts of USA strategy, their  administration has a strong interests with countries that resides on the territory of the Kurds, especially Turkey, which constitute a historical ally of America, and interests with them exceed the benefits of the relationship with the Kurds. But Barzani also aware that the US strategy is based on a new vision for the form of the State in Iraq, a vision that practically launched by USA  Vice President Joe Biden and based on the division of Iraq into three regions is a three countries closer to the Confederation of federal system currently in place.

The recent draft resolution before the Congress, which provides to support Peshmerga and the Sunni tribes in isolation from the consent of the Iraqi government is an important point that American recognition of the independence of Kurdistan region.

Barzani’s visit at this time stems from the conviction that the USA administration is now prepared more than ever to recognize Kurdistan  state, and at the very least, put discuss the fate of Kurdistan on the White House table.

 By Bahdin Sevo Sindi

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