Third world war just begun

By B. Sevo Sindi 25/11/2015.  A very serious message addressed from  Ankara to Moscow, they dealt with the consequences of harassment will be «serious»

Third world war just begun













Reveals beyond any doubt the futility of political efforts, indicates that the only language of the deal is limited to the field. Articular evolution, comes in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s historic visit to Iran, where it was clear the desire of both sides to strengthen cooperation on more than one level, led by the Syrian file. They tries to attack counterparty invested to put pressure on Damascus’s allies to make concessions. Russian threw the ball in the stadium, especially with the Ankara declaration of its intention to establish a «safe area» of Carchemish to the Mediterranean. American dimension was evident in Barack Obama’s statement that the incident would not have happened if Russia focused on the bombing «Daash» instead of «moderate opposition». The question remains about the next day, and whether it will attempt to contain what happened, or that the crisis will enter a tunnel of escalation No one knows the consequences.

By Bahdin Sevo Sindi

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