Terror suspect arrested in Germany after manhunt

LEIPZIG , Germany, Jaber al-Bakr, a Syrian refugee suspected of plotting a jihadist bomb attack in Germany, was captured early Monday after a two-day manhunt.

Jihadist terrorism suspect Jaber al-Bakr was detained by German police after a two-day manhunt. Screenshot courtesy of Sky News

He escaped a raid on his apartment Saturday in Chemnitz, a city 40 miles from Dresden, where security was increased after bomb attacks on a mosque and a conference center in September. Security sources described the apartment as “a virtual bomb-making factory” containing explosives, detonator and chemicals, the BBC reported. The chemicals could cause significant damage in small amounts, police said; they feared an attack on a Berlin airport.

Police received a tip Sunday evening of al-Bakr’s whereabouts by a Syrian man living in Leipzig, who said al-Bakr contacted him from the city’s main train station; the station was cordoned off as two people were arrested, and had their luggage searched.

Al-Bakr was located by police in a Leipzig apartment, tied up by the person who alerted police.

He arrived in Germany in January 2015 and was granted asylum in November, German media report. He is expected to be taken by police to the city of Karlsruhe, the seat of Germany’s two highest courts, later Monday.

By Ed Adamczyk