Tehran unveils Koswar, the first Iranian-built fighter jet

Iran on Tuesday unveiled the country’s first domestically manufactured fighter jet, with video footage and photographs of President Hassan Rouhani sitting in the cockpit.


The jet, called the Kowsar, was unveiled on the eve of Iran’s National Defense Industry Day.

Iranian state media said the jet, made for short support missions, is equipped with precision targeting systems and uses digital military data networks, multi-purpose digital monitors, ballistic calculation computers and smart mobile mapping systems.

In a speech Tuesday, Rouhani called on the Iranian military to strengthen its readiness in the face of enemy threats.

“When we say we are ready for defense, it means that we seek the establishment of sustainable peace,” Rouhani said.

The president called for Iran’s armed forces to have “discipline, education, faith, motivation, weapons and readiness” to reach a level “that no one would dare to attack us.”

“Why does the U.S. not attack us? Because it is aware of our power and the cost [that it will entail],” he added.

The jet’s debut came amid rising tensionsbetween Iran and the United States. Earlier this month, Iran began naval exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, while President Donald Trump prepared to reimpose sanctions on Tehran over the country’s efforts to develop nuclear technology — moves that sparked harsh tweets between Trump and Rouhani.

By Susan McFarland