Teen suicide bomber kills 6 at Afghanistan wedding

A teenage suicide bomber killed at least six people at a wedding in Afghanistan Friday, authorities said.

A man receives medical treatment after he was injured in Friday’s suicide bombing at a wedding in Nangarhar, Afghanistan. At least six people died. Photo by Ghulamullah Habibi

Police said the explosion in Nangarhar occurred as guests gathered before the wedding ceremony, which was organized by Malik Toor, commander of the pro-government forces. Toor died in the attack, and investigators believe he was likely the primary target.

Officials said the suicide bomber was 13 years old.

The Tablian said in a statement it had no involvement in the attack. Both the Taliban and the Islamic State have a strong presence in eastern Afghanistan.

Friday’s violence followed peace talks this week between Taliban and certain Afghan leaders that aimed for a “united” and “Islamic” Afghinistan that sets aside “all ethnic differences.” The negotiations for the end of the 18-year conflict involving U.S. troops called for an end to civilian casualties.

ByNicholas Sakelaris