Syrian army stops Islamic State siege of Deir Ezzor

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad congratulated the Syrian army on Tuesday after the liberation of Deir Ezzor — a city the Islamic State has besieged for the past three years.


Syria’s army began its offensive to reach Deir Ezzor last month, and finally reached the western outskirts of the city after Islamic State defenses collapsed.
The Syrian army marks this as a strategic shift in the war against the militant group — confirming the ability of the Syrian military and further dismantling the Islamic State stronghold that tore the country apart.

Speaking to military officers and soldiers on the phone, President al-Assad said, “You have proved, through your steadfastness in the face of the most powerful of terrorist organizations on the face of earth, that you shoulder responsibility, as you have kept the promise and have set a great role model for next generations.”

Backed by Russian air support, the Syrian Army Command claimed in their statement that hundreds of Islamic State militants were killed or injured in the battle along with the destruction of their vehicles, compounds and fortifications.

By Sara Shayanian