Syria bombing: Jeremy Corbyn calls for War Powers Act to limit Government’s ability to launch air strikes without asking MPs first

Jeremy Corbyn has called for a war powers act that would stop Theresa May from launching bombing raids without first consulting MPs.


The Labour leader was responding to the news America, Britain and France launched airstrikes in Syria early on Saturday morning.

Mr Corbyn, who has issued a plea for a independent UN-led investigation of last week’s chemical weapons attack, has said the prime minister should have strived for parliamentary approval before instigating the action.

The opposition leader called for a proper debate in parliament on Monday which concludes with a vote on action in Syria.
“​I think parliament should have a say in this and I think the Prime Minister could have quite easily done that.” Mr Corbyn told the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday. “She took a decision some time last week that we were going to work with Macron and Trump in order to have an impact on the chemical weapons establishment in Syria.”

“She could have recalled parliament last week – it is only the PM who can recall parliament – or she could have delayed until tomorrow when parliament returns. There is precedent over previous interventions when parliament has had a vote,” he continued.

“I think what we need in this country is something more robust like a war powers act so governments do get held to account by parliament for what they do in our name”.

This comes after Mr Corbyn branded airstrikes on Syria legally questionable and accused Ms May of “trailing after Donald Trump”.

The Independent