Swedish doctor charged with drugging, kidnapping and rape of woman

STOCKHOLM, Sweden,  A doctor in Sweden was charged with drugging, kidnapping and raping a woman he allegedly kept in a bunker for nearly a week, an official said.

The masks found in the home of a Swedish doctor charged with drugging, kidnapping, raping and holding a woman captive in a sound proof bunker. Screen shot: Swedish Police Authority.












The 38-year-old doctor, who was not identified, admitted to drugging, kidnapping and holding the woman, also 38, against her will for six days, but said he did not rape her, Stockholm chief prosecutor Peter Claeson told CNN.

He also admitted to building a sound-proof, cement, windowless bunker because “he wanted to have a girlfriend,” Claeson said.

The doctor allegedly met the woman on a date, gave the woman Rohypnol-laced strawberries and champagne in Stockholm, took her to his car via a wheelchair, then drove more than 340 miles to the bunker in Kristianstad. The doctor allegedly marked the untainted strawberries with a pen.

The doctor’s lawyer, Mari Schaub, told CNN her client did not intend to keep multiple people in the bunker and was not going to harm the victim sexually.

“He is a man who was mentally depressed,” Schaub said. “And when at the police station, complied with all the requests of the police,” she said. “He is very much in regret of what he has done.”

The doctor panicked when he found out the woman was reported missing and drove her to the police station in Stockholm.

The details of the alleged crimes, committed in September, have Swedish media comparing the doctor to the 2008 case of Josef Fritzl, an infamous Austrian rapist and kidnapper, who held his daughter in the basement of the family’s house for 24 years, forcing her to have seven children by him.

By Shawn Price