Super Typhoon Nepartak kills 2 in Taiwan, moves toward China

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Two people were killed and 72 were injured as Super Typhoon Nepartak ravaged Taiwan early Friday with winds up to 150 mph and severe flooding.



The storm came ashore about 10 miles south of Taitung City, located on the southeast coast of Taiwan, with the strongest winds the area has seen in 61 years. Roofs were ripped off, trees were toppled and cars were overturned. The storm weakened as it crossed mountainous Taiwan and was headed to China.

Officials said one man died after falling into Seven Star Lake in Hualien. He was rescued by helicopter but later died. A soldier died after falling into the sea, authorities said. At least 72 people were injured by falling objects in Taitung County. Some 15,000 people remain evacuated from low-lying areas.

China was preparing for the storm Friday. Authorities issued an orange alert, the second of the country’s three-tiered alert system. Train and ferry service have been canceled in some areas. The storm is expected to bring strong winds and rain to the coastal regions of Fujian and Zhejiang. It comes at a time when parts of China are struggling with flooding that has devastated some areas.

Upi News