Suicide attack kills 14 Nepalese guards in Kabul

Suicide-attack-kills-14-Nepalese-guards-in-Kabul.  KABUL, Afghanistan,  A suicide bomb targeting two buses carrying Nepalese security guards exploded Monday killing 14 people in Kabul, Afghanistan.


All 14 of the fatalities were the guards, who had been assigned to give protection at the Canadian Embassy. Another nine were injured, the Interior Ministry reported, in the first major attack in the capital in two months.

On foot, the suicide bomber approached the two buses of guards as they left a housing compound in eastern Kabul, and blew himself up as he stood next to one bus, officials said. Contractors working for Western organizations, such as the Nepalese guards who provide security for Western embassies and companies, typically live on Kabul’s outskirts and are shuttled to work daily in buses which often have no armed protection.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was directed at “forces of aggression.” The Islamic State claimed responsibility as well.

A Canadian Embassy statement confirmed that “the cowardly attack targeted the security company of the embassy,” while an embassy Facebook message specifically mentioned the attack did not occur at the embassy.

Kamal Thapa, Nepal’s foreign minister, called the attack “a heinous crime against innocent people.”

By Ed Adamczyk