Storm Eleanor: Power fully restored as skiers shake in Europe

Power was fully restored to homes and businesses after the powerful winter storm Eleanor brought heavy winds and flooding to Europe.

A man walks past a fallen tree as it blocks a road in Harrow, Britain. Photo by Neil Hall/EPA
A man walks past a fallen tree as it blocks a road in Harrow, Britain. Photo by Neil Hall/EPA

Engineers worked through a second night to restore power, according to BBC, after 100 mph wind gusts caused flooding, disturbed traffic and caused damage to buildings.

In Northern Ireland, more than 25,000 customers lost power at the height of the storm.

Meanwhile, skiers at the Silvretta Montafon ski resort in Austria were thrown violently from side to side during the storm on a ski lift.

Despite resort staff attempts to help the skiers down from the chairlift, the guests were forced to cling onto the seats as the powerful winds rocked them.

No one was injured in the incident and Martin Oberhammer, the chairlift’s managing director, said that the skiers were never in danger.

“The guests were always safe, the safety bars and bubble were always closed,” Oberhammer said.

Although the worst of the storm is over, the stormy conditions will be replaced by a bitter cold snap.

“We will see a widespread frost developing as we go through the weekend, and could well see temperatures in the minus double figures,” Emma Sharples, a Met Office meteorologist, said to Metro.

There were four deaths reported in France due to severe weather including a 50-year-old farmer in the Savoie region of the French Alps, a 93-year-old woman in southeast France, a firefighter who had saved a family of three, and a skier killed on Wednesday by a falling tree at the Morillon resort in the French alps.

Two people were also killed on the Basque coast in northern Spain’s when they were swept away by a wave.

In Switzerland, eight people were injured when strong winds overturned a railway carriage.

By Sara Shayanian