Spanish pilot killed after ejecting from doomed training jet

A Spanish fighter pilot ejected before his fighter jet crashed into the ocean off the southern coast of Spain on Monday, but he didn’t survive.

A C-101 fighter jet takes off from San Javier airbase in Murica, Spain. The same type of plane crashed off the southern coast of Spain on Monday. The pilot died after he ejected. Photo by Juan Francisco Morena/

Commander Francisco Marin Nunez’s body was found in the water near La Manga Souk. The C-101 training jet hit the water at high speed at about 9:38 a.m. Monday. Several onlookers took video of the crash.

The C-101 is a training aircraft used by the Eagle Patrol at the San Javier air academy. Nunez was an instructor for the aircraft and was the only occupant in the plane.

Three beaches were closed to the public as investigators searched for debris.

The crash comes just months after Spain approved a replacement for the aging C-101 fighter, which first entered service in 1980.

ByNicholas Sakelaris