Spanish bullfighter gored to death on live TV

TERUEL, Spain, A matador became the first Spanish bullfighter gored to death in more than 30 years.


Victor Barrio, 29, died when the bull’s horn pierced his chest at the Plaza de Las Ventas bullring. It was broadcast Saturday on live TV in Spain.
The last matador to die in Spain was Jose Cubero, or Yiyo, in 1985.

On Saturday, the bull threw Barrio into the air before he was gored on the right side of his chest and he was violently thrown.

Barrio, who had worked for six years at the Las Ventas in the eastern Aragon region, died in a hospital.

The Los Maños-bred bull named Lorenzo weighed more than 1,100 pounds.

The festival was suspended after the incident.

About 2,000 bullfights are held every year in Spain, but the numbers have been dropping In 2010, Catalonia joined the Canary Islands as two regions to ban the tradition.

Elsewhere Saturday, a 28-year-old man died after he was gored by a bull during a bull run through the village of Pedreguer, near Valencia.

Also Saturday in the San Fermin bull running festival in Pamplona, a 33-year-old Japanese man was gored in the chest and a Spanish man in the arm among 12 people injured, the regional government in Pamplona said.

El Pais newspaper said that in the 100 years, 134 people, including 33 matadors, had been killed by bulls in Spain.

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