South Korea assists Mexico, Colombia with e-government initiative

South-Korea-assists-Mexico-Colombia-with-e-government-initiative.   SEOUL, Donald Trump may want to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, but South Korea appears to be building bridges with the country.

South Korea is sharing technology know-how for digital governance with Latin American countries. Photo by Jurgenfr/Shutterstock















Seoul’s Ministry of the Interior stated Tuesday that South Korea is assisting the Mexican government in the deployment of technology for building a better e-government, Yonhap reported.

A South Korea delegation that includes officials from the interior ministry, the Ministry of Government Legislation, the food and drug ministry, the Anti-corruption and Civil Rights Commission and the National Police Agency met with Mexican officials for two days.

South Korean Vice Interior Minister Kim Sung-lyul led the team.

“The joint delegation will provide Central and South American nations with an opportunity to hear the Korean government’s experiences on reform and digital government,” Kim said.

South Korea’s know-how in e-government has placed the country in top standing three consecutive times in a biennial United Nations e-government survey since 2010.

Seoul is to also provide similar information sharing with Colombia.

Mexico and Colombia initiated the request for the transfer of South Korea’s knowledge on e-government, according to Seoul.

Mexico specifically requested South Korean assistance on electronic infrastructure, technical advice and research.

Colombia showed interest in South Korea’s electronic services for the general public, where users can file a civil complaint online to the corresponding authority, News 1 reported.

By Elizabeth Shim