Seven killed in clashes between armed groups west of the Libyan capital

Bahdin Sevo Sindi, 24/03/2016 The New Mail. Seven killed in clashes between armed groups west of the Libyan capital  . Seven people were killed at least Wednesday in clashes in the west of the Libyan capital town Tuibih between armed groups in favour of the alliance, “the dawn of Libya” in control of Tripoli, and other pro-government forces supported by recognized parliament in the East.

Seven killed in clashes between armed groups west of the Libyan capital
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Colonel Abdul Razak Khermana of “corner room operations”, told AFP “the town has seen Tuibih (about 30 km west of Tripoli) today violent clashes between our forces and the forces of tribal army.”

And “operation  room operations,” a military loyal to the Alliance, “the dawn of Libya” and includes major armed groups in the operation , just 45 km west of Tripoli, in what constitutes “tribal army” a mix of tribal armed groups loyal to the government forces in the east.

Khermana  added “The clashes erupted after the tribal army forces attacked the town in the morning and tried to burn down the houses, our troops have been able to destroy him and the sheep of another mechanism which killed seven tribal fighters.”

“The tribal army” an attack on the town came against the backdrop of the killing of a person belonging to the area and Rishvanh southwest of Tripoli, the stronghold of “tribal army”, while trying to “steal a house in Tuibih yesterday,” Tuesday.

“The tribal army decided its revenge today via Tuibih attack, but our response.”

And it saw Rishvanh area about a year before the bloody clashes during an attempt to “tribal army” progress towards Tripoli in attacks Engaged forces, “the dawn of Libya”, before the two sides reached a truce.

The first it referred to the bloody battles in the area since the truce took effect a year ago.

Experiencing Libya struggle for power for more than a year and a half between the Government manages Tripoli and most of the western regions, including the corner and Tuibih supporting the “dawn of Libya”, and the Government in the Middle received the support of an internationally recognized speaker and leads its group first operation  Khalifa Haftar.

Recently born in Libya, which is facing mounting jihadist threat is to try to organize the expansion of the Islamic state, taking advantage of the chaotic security, a UN-backed government in a third attempt to unify the country’s authorities.

Translated from AFP News

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