Saudi Arabia and Iran with ballistic talks

The tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran escalated after the Huthis first targeted the Saudi capital Riyadh with a ballistic missile, and the two countries exchanged accusations about the war in Yemen and stability in the region.

“Iranian terrorism continues to terrorize and kill children and violate international law,” Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said on Twitter Monday. Al-Jubeir added that al-Houthi militia proved to be a terrorist tool to destroy Yemen.
In another tweet, the Saudi minister said that Iranian interventions in the region are detrimental to the security of neighboring countries and affect international peace and security. He added that the Kingdom will not allow any infringement on its national security.
He also said that Saudi Arabia reserves the right to respond to the actions of the Iranian regime – which he described as hostile – in the right time and time, noting that his country will not tolerate terrorism.
In contrast, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif said that Saudi Arabia holds Iran responsible for the consequences of its wars of aggression, as he put it.
“Saudi Arabia is engaged in aggressive wars, regional bullying, and destabilizing behavior, resorting to serious provocations in the region, and then Iran bears the consequences,” Zarif said on his Twitter account.
The escalation comes after the Saudi-led Arab coalition blamed Iran for launching a rocket from Yemen at King Khalid Airport in Riyadh. The Houthi group claimed the launch of the “H 2 volcano” last Saturday night, and the coalition said the missile was dropped, and fragments of it fell on the campus of the airport.
Earlier today, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Saudi accusations against Iran over Yemen were baseless and that the accusations were caused by the failure of the war to achieve any concrete results in Yemen.
The Foreign Ministry recommended that Saudi Arabia stop its war in Yemen and launch a Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue. The statement considered the targeting of Saudi territory from inside Yemen as an independent Yemeni decision and self-defense.
In a similar context, the director of the island’s office in Tehran Abdul Qadir Fayez, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards Mohammad Ali Jafari said today that what Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen, “barbaric war will not have results in politics.”
Former Guards commander Mohsen Rezai, who is currently secretary of the Expediency Council, was quoted as saying that Saudi Arabia was exercising “regional madness” and warned that it would lead to chaos in the region.
Earlier in the day, the Arab alliance described the rocket attacks from Yemen as a direct and direct military aggression against Iran and said it might be considered as a war against the kingdom.
The coalition spokesman accused Iran of supporting al-Houthi militants in Yemen with techniques and weapons to fight the Arab alliance. He said the coalition targeted and destroyed missiles that were intended to attack targets within Saudi Arabia.
On the other hand, renewed spokesman for the Huthis Mohammed Abdul Salam, confirmed that the capitals of the coalition countries are not immune to the ballistic missiles of his group.

By Bahdin Sevo SindiĀ