Ryanair flight to Manchester evacuated before takeoff in Norway after security alert

  Ryanair-flight-to-Manchester-evacuated-before-takeoff-in-Norway-after-security-alert.  OSTFOLD, Norway,  A Ryanair flight from Norway to Manchester was evacuated before takeoff after “suspicious” behavior by two passengers later determined to be a hoax, police in Ostfold said.

A Ryanair flight from Norway to Manchester, England, didn’t initially take off Sunday because two passengers were acting suspiciously, according to reports. Photo from Ryanair website.















Rygge airport operations leader Anders Stromsather said two “foreign nationals” were arguing in a toilet and the word “bomb” was heard aboard Ryanair flight FR3225.

Ryanair said the evacuation was delayed because of a “hoax security alert” and that the flight departed around midnight.

News reports quoting a police official say one of the arrested men was British and the other was from Sri Lanka.

Norway police have confirmed a bomb squad from the capital Oslo was on its way to Rygge to continue the investigation.

Earlier Sunday, a soccer match between Manchester United and Bournemouth was postponed. Greater Manchester police described the device as “incredibly lifelike.”

In 31 years, Ryanair has grown from a small airline into one of Europe’s largest carriers, connecting 200 destinations in 32 countries with a fleet 350 Boeing 737 aircraft based.

By Allen Cone