Russian, Ukraine trucks at standstill after trade blocks

Russian-Ukraine-trucks-at-standstill-after-trade-blocks.     KIEV, Ukraine,  Escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine has forced hundreds of trucks to a standstill as the countries feud over international trade and transportation laws.

Russian Army agents standing at a border between Russia and Ukaine. Photo by Anton Holoborodko/Wikimedia














Over the weekend, Russia blocked 152 Ukranian trucks from going through its borders on the way to deliver goods into other European countries. In response, Ukraine halted Russian trucks from coming in, and representatives from both countries blamed each other in the tit-for-tat spat.

“We demand from Russia to fulfill the requirements of the World Trade Organization, to resume transit movement of Ukrainian vehicles”, said Ukraine Prime Minister Anatoliy Kinakh.

The Ukrainian Cabinet has asked the Interior, Foreign and Trade ministries to usher a plan through as quickly as possible to resolve the blockages.Tensions in the region have escalated on a near daily basis since rebels in Eastern Ukraine broke off into the Republic of Crimea last year.

In addition, Ukraine has taken steps to enact a three-year suspension on any sailor who is part of any commercial shipping crews that enter into the Republic of Crimea port.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States and other Western Nations of provoking the situation, going as far as saying that another Cold War is on the horizon.

By Dmitry Rashnitsov