Qazi Muhammad the dream that become true

By Bahdin Sevo Sindi. The New Mail, 02-05-2016.On his early age always dreamed of a state of Kurdistan , my father Qazi Mohamed when he was younger he had a very good sense of nation , and he had a good relationship with other parts of Kurdistan particular with Hiwa and Khweybon parties.

Qazi Muhammad the dream that become true
Ali Qazi Muhammad, son of Qazi Muhammad . Photo by Bahdin Sevo Sindi. The New Mail/ License Photo














I can remember very well our house was on top of the hill and lower was a small cave full of a barrel that barrel was full of Books and Newspaper ,of course, we were not allowed to see it because of our young age.  Iran was invaded by the Allies in late August 1941, with the Soviets controlling the north. In the absence of a central government, the Soviets attempted to attach north-western Iran to the Soviet Union, and promoted Kurdish nationalism. The central government ( Iran) had no power on Mokryan’s area at this time we could reveal  all those books ,it had been written in Kurdish language and printed in Sulaymania brought to my father by someone from Kurdistan of Iraq. After the collapse of the central government, we had an autonomy for nearly Four years.

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It seems to be this autonomy was not practically been written in any constitution, but during this time father regularity went  to Thran to negotiate with Iran’s King regarding Kurdish right like to study their own language at Schools. That time Iran had like a federal roll each state had a committee . My father was pessimistic  because Iran gave him  no answer of his demand , this was the reason to encourage him to declare the state of Kurdistan . At that time Russia was a powerful and Jaffar Baghrof the president of Azerbaijan he was a commander in the area by the Soviet Union, precisely they didn’t want Kurdistan to have a right as a nation but they have been treated very bad and even they were not allowed to speak their language at School until class 4. Qazi Mohemmed didn’t accept this and said we should have our own state like any other nation and live in peace.

Qazi Muhammed establishing Republic of Mahabad
Qazi Muhammed establishing the Republic of Mahabad. 1945-1946 /Google photo












On 17th of December 1945, Kurdistan flag was raised in Mohabad City by more than 10.000 Kurdish people from all over , Kurdish came to Iran to celebrate it from the Four parts of Kurdistan . Qazi Muhammad, head of a family of religious jurists, was elected as chairman of the party. Although the republic was not declared until December 1945 called the Republic of Mohabad, In September 1945, Qazi Muhammad and other Kurdish leaders visited Tabriz to seek the backing of a Soviet consul to found a new republic and were then redirected to Baku, Azerbaijan SSR. There, they learned that the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan was planning to take control of Iranian Azerbaijan. On December 10, the Democratic Party took control of East Azerbaijan Province from Iranian government forces.

On March 26, 1946, due to pressure from Western powers including the United States, the Soviets promised the Iranian government that they would pull out of north-western Iran. In June, Iran reasserted its control over Iranian Azerbaijan. This move isolated the Republic of Mahabad, eventually leading to its destruction.

On December 15, 1946, Iranian forces entered and secured Mahabad. Once there, they closed down the Kurdish printing press, banned the teaching of Kurdish language, and burned all Kurdish books that they could find. Finally, on March 31, 1947, Qazi Muhammad was hanged in Mahabad on counts of treason.

When my father declared the Republic of Mohabad  and led the constitutional oath, Mustafa Barzani was his right arm and the nearest person to him, he was a General at a time. Kurdistan State or the Republic of Mohabad in its short life has significantly served the Kurdish nation especially in education .

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Not  deliberately I have cut the conversation and asked ‘’ How about the School and media ? Continued and said yes all Schools was Kurdish  and media such as Radio Cinema and press also was in the Kurdish Language.

When I asked Mr. Ali qazi , How about the economy did you have any natural source to depend on ? Yes, we sow Tobacco and had a lot of it,  we used to sell it to the Soviet Union ,our people completely depended on an agricultural job . And who organized and planned or established ministries?  It had a several minister such as Ministry or War which was responsible for Peshmerga  , Ministry of Justice etc.. but unfortunately, the republic of Mohabad has no proved of anything  I only can say it is a base of today’s Kurdistan Region Government.

How about Mulla Mustafa Barzani ? Why did he come to Iran? Yes.. Mustafa Barzani was fighting English government in Iraq, his people was in terrible condition because they suffered a lot from Iraqi government many of them lost their lives every day ,that is why they headed to East Iran and settle in Shino City , my father Qazi Muhammad send for Mustafa Barzani and asked to back him up if he declared the Republic of Kurdistan , and Barzani agreed to help.

All Barzanian people who came with Mustafa Barzani, got their rule in the Republic Of Mohabad they recruited everyone according to its profession . Mustafa Barzani has served the Republic with his Peshmerga . Mustafa Barzani, with his soldiers from Iraqi Kurdistan, assisted the Republic’s forces. After the fall of the republic, most of the soldiers and four officers from the Iraqi army decided to return to Iraq. The officers were condemned to death upon returning to Iraq and are today honored along with Qazi as heroes martyred for Kurdistan. Several hundred of the soldiers chose to stay with Barzani. They defeated all efforts of the Iranian army to intercept them in a five-week march and made their way to Soviet Azerbaijan.

Why the Soviet Union helped Iran against Republic of Muhabad? The King of Iran Ashraf Bahlawy send his sister to Moscow to meet Stalin in regard to Republic of Kurdistan and Republic of Azerbaijan , to obtain the consent of Stalin to control the Republic of Muhabad and Azerbaijan  in exchange for Caspian  sea oil , and Stalin agreed to sign an agreement  to extraction an  oil from the Caspian Sea. And they decided to remain Kurdish as a small minority in Azerbaijan , My father has disobeyed it.

Qazi Muhammad has gathered all his assistance and said we only have two options , to agree with  Iran or to fight them , everyone in his council was against the war, then he respects their opinions. My father captured with his ministers by Iran , and sent to court were condemned to raise another flag in Iran, topple Iran’s flag and bringing foreigners to country meant ( Barzani and his people) which sentenced to death  . Regarding Mustafa Barzani my father said, ‘’ Mulla Mustafa is a Kurdish and this is a Kurdistan he or any Kurdish are free whenever they like to live and they are not foreigners’’. King of Iraq sent after my father three times to live in Iraq, and Mustafa Barzani asked him to go with them he and Sheikh Ahmed will serve him , but my father said ‘’ Mulla Mustafa I need to stay with my people with their good and worst days , I don’t like anyone to say that Qazi Muhammad has fled and left his own people behind . My mother has grabbed his leg and begged him ‘’ Please just for your young kids ‘’ I had Seven sisters I was the only boy. My father said I know they will kill me but I will stay .

My father freely went to gallows with his head raised and said ’’ BY killing one Muhammed you won’t terminate  the freedom of my nation, I will go yes but thousand of me will be born again to demand the freedom of Kurdish nation. My father’s last word ‘’ Long life Kurdistan long life Kurds’’

I had some unforgettable memory with my father , me and Loqman son of Mustafa Barzani we were same age 13 years old , we used to play together and hang out with our parents , we were like one family .

My last question is to bring him to the present and look for future of Kurdistan , how do you evaluate Kurdistan now? What do you expect of Kurdish political parties? To be honest until now no one has shown up to help Kurdistan ,despite this war our Peshmerga is  fighting terrorist and Sacrifice every day no one care. To keep Kurdish parties together and look after Kurdistan I went to Parliament and  refrained  from eating , only to save Kurdistan and to give them an idea on how to be like one brother .

Sadly in the early hours of March 23rd / 1947, Qazi Muhammad, his brother Sadr Qazi, and his cousin Sayf Qadr were hanged at dawn in the town centre where the republic had been proclaimed just ten months before. It was a vindictive act by the Tehran regime against the leaders of a popular, progressive and largely peaceful nationalist movement. Until now we still fighting for freedom and demanding an independence , we still fighting for all nations but our nation are separated , we are a safe home for more than million people different nationalities and religions , but we cant find a safe home for us.

By Bahdin Sevo Sindi