Protesters upset over corruption, security lapses again storm green zone in Baghdad

 Protesters-upset-over-corruption-security-lapses-again-storm-green-zone-in-Baghdad. BAGHDAD,  For the second time this month, protesters entered the “Green Zone” in Baghdad to confront security forces over grievances they have involving the Iraqi government.

An Iraqi soldier stands during a handover of the Green Zone from U.S forces to Iraqi authorities in Baghdad, January 1, 2009. Friday, protesters unhappy with alleged corruption and security failures stormed the Green Zone and confronted police forces. File Photo by Ali Jasim/UPI | License Photo

The mostly Shia Muslim demonstrators rallied against corruption and security failures they see in the government, as well as delays in implementing reforms.

Tear gas and live ammunition rounds were used by police and several activists were injured in the event.

Video of the confrontation circulated online Friday. In some of the footage, demonstrators can be heard chanting, “We sacrifice our blood and souls for Iraq!” and, “No, no to corruption!”

Shia Muslim cleric Moqtada Sadr condemned the use of police force and praised protesters for what he called a “peaceful [and] spontaneous revolt.”

Friday marked the second time this month that activists stormed the government-held Green Zone.

In an effort to quell escalating violence, authorities implemented a curfew for Baghdad residents and closed entrances into the city.

By Doug G. Ware