Powerful explosion rocks apartment complex in Sweden

More than two dozen people were hurt Friday in an explosion at an apartment complex in Sweden, authorities said.

About 25 people were injured in the blast Friday in Linkoping, Sweden.

Officials said about 25 people received minor injuries in Linkoping, Sweden.

What was described as a “very powerful” explosion blew out windows and destroyed balconies at the apartment complex in the south Sweden city, about 110 miles from Stockholm.

“As for now, we don’t have any information to believe this is terror-related,” police spokesman Bjorn Oberg said. “Many people called in about a very powerful explosion which has led to a large number of windows being blown out.”

Authorities blocked off several blocks around the affected area but did not call for an evacuation.

Emergency crews transported injured victims to Linkoping University Hospital and other nearby medical centers.

Police have started a criminal investigation.

ByClyde Hughes