Police: Killer of French police officer, wife carried out attack live on Facebook

Police-Killer-of-French-police-officer-wife-carried-out-attack-live-on-Facebook.  PARIS, The man who killed a French policeman and his wife Monday night, and claimed allegiance to the Islamic State carried out the attack live on Facebook, French officials said.

The man who killed a French police officer and his wife on Monday claimed allegiance to the Islamic State and had previously been sentenced to prison for associations with jihadist groups. Photo by Jerome Groisard/UPI | License Photo

The militant group has also claimed responsibility for the attack.

Larossi Abballa, 25, posted the video of the killing in Magnanville, northwest of Paris, on Facebook Live, the social media site’s live feed, the officials said. His account has been suspended.

The police officer was stabbed nine times in the abdomen outside his home. The officer’s wife and 3-year-old son then were taken hostage by the attacker at about 8:30 p.m. The woman was found dead when police stormed the home. Abballa was killed by police.

During the broadcast on Facebook, Abballa said he was not sure what to do with the child, whom police rescued.

The officer was identified as Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, 42, deputy chief of judicial police at Les Mureaux police station. He was returning home, out of uniform, when he was stabbed, Le Figaro newspaper reported. His wife worked for the Ministry of the Interior.

In the video, Abballa said he was heeding to a call from senior IS leader Abu Mohammed al-Adnani to carry out attacks during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

French media say the attacker was sentenced in 2013 for involvement with jihadist groups with links to Pakistan. He was sentenced to three years in prison, with six months suspended.

A statement by the Amaq News Agency, linked to the Islamic State, announced that an “Islamic State fighter kills deputy chief of the police station in the city of Les Mureaux and his wife with blade weapons.”

Abballa also expressed his allegiance to the Islamic State as he spoke to hostage negotiators.

A Facebook profile with the name Larossi Abballa included a photo of a smiling, bearded man.

Two messages posted recently were videos critical of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

One posted about 18 hours before the attack said: “Some will say we see evil everywhere!”

In the other one, he complained how people were not nice or smiling when he delivered food to them.

French President Francois Hollande issued a statement Monday calling the killings “a cowardly murder” and said he would hold a Cabinet meeting on the case early Tuesday.

France had been on high alert for terrorist attacks as it hosts the Euro 2016 soccer championship, which has had violence between rival fans. The soccer series was also a possible target for the organizers behind the bombings in Brussels in which 32 people died March 22.

By Shawn Price and Allen Cone