Pakistan tests ballistic missile as tensions with India remain high

Pakistan tested a surface-to-surface ballistic missile in Rawalpindi Thursday with tensions between the country and rival India still at a high point.

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Major Gen. Asif Ghafoor, director-general of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations, said the launching of the missile Ghaznavi was successful with congratulatory acknowledgments sent afterward by Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Arif Alvi.

Pakistan released a video on social media showing the missile test. Officials said the missile can carry a variety of warheads up to 180 miles.

The missile test comes after Pakistan downgraded its diplomatic status with India earlier this month after the majority-Hindu country ended the special autonomous status for Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir is part of the Kashmir region, over which both India and Pakistan lay claim. Agreements following World War II divided the region into two autonomous states with India controlling Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan running Kashmir.

Violence, though, has plagued the region for years with India saying Jammu and Kashmir has been a source for terrorism against the country.

ByClyde Hughes