Nintendo stocks rise 10 percent following release of mobile game ‘Pokémon Go’

KYOTO, Japan, Nintendo stocks have surged 10 percent following the release and success of a new mobile game, Pokémon Go.


Released Wednesday for iOS and Android phones in the United States, Pokémon Go has already become the No. 1 most downloaded free game on Apple’s App Store. The title has already been released in Australia, New Zealand and is set to arrive in Japan soon.
Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game that utilizes a phone’s camera to have Pokémon appear in the real world in order for users to capture them. The game features a virtual map that use a phone’s GPS features to create points of interest and Pokémon that players can reach by physically walking towards them.

Developed by Niantic alongside The Pokémon Company, two companies Nintendo owns a stake in, the free to play game generates revenue through the use of in-app purchases that give users power-ups and extra items.

Highly anticipated and featuring one of Nintendo’s most popular properties, Pokémon Go’s servers needed to be shut down for a while on launch day due to heavy traffic.

Pokémon Go represents a shift for Nintendo who has always shied away from the thought of bringing their titles to mobile in order to protect their console gaming business. Four more smartphone games from the company are currently in development.

Nintendo, however, is not leaving behind consoles. Their newest project, codenamed the ‘NX,’ is expected to launch in March 2017 globally.