Nineveh council announces liberating seven villages east of Mosul

Nineveh – Head of Nineveh Provincial Council Bashar al-Kiki announced that the Peshmerga forces have liberated seven villages in Khazer and Gwer, east of Mosul, and added that the security forces have advanced into 10 kilometers in the areas previously held by ISIS.


Kiki, in a statement, said, “Today, the heroes of Peshmerga forces advanced towards Gwer, Makhmur and al-Khazer under the direct supervision of President of Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani.”

“Seven villages have been liberated during the offensive including, Tel Hameed, Karkasha, Abzakh, Suteih, Qashqala and Qaryytakh. The operation is still going on to liberate other areas,” he added.