Nigeria: Boko Haram kills 18 women at funeral wake

Nigeria-Boko-Haram-kills-18-women-at-funeral-wake.  ADAMAWA, Nigeria,  More than two dozen women were attacked by Boko Haram militants Thursday at a funeral wake in Adamawa state in northeast Nigeria, authorities said.

First of missing 219 Nigerian schoolgirls found alive, says others are in forest nearby

Police said the women had gathered in Kuda village when militants suddenly arrived on motorcycles and began shooting. Witnesses also reported that the militants set homes on fire.

At least 18 people were killed and 10 were wounded in the attack, news media reported.

Officials, though, said they were not initially certain exactly how many were killed or wounded.

The site of the attack, Kuda village, is near the Sambisa Forest — where militants fled after being run from urban areas in Nigeria, and where the first of 219 kidnapped schoolgirls were rescued last month.

Boko Haram continues to operate in Nigeria, despite the nation’s president,Muhammadu Buhari, saying months ago that the group had been “technically defeated.”

News media also reported that the militant group killed four people and kidnapped at least three women near Chibok on Thursday.

By Doug G. Ware