New poll shows 55 percent of Brits favor leaving the EU

New-poll-shows-55-percent-of-Brits-favor-leaving-the-EU.  LONDON,  A new poll shows that a majority of British voters want Great Britain to leave the European Union with less than two weeks before the upcoming referendum.

Union Jack flags decorate a pub on Whitehall for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012. Photo by Rune Hellestad/UPI | License Photo

The survey of 2,000 voters, conducted by ORB for the British newspaper The Independent, showed that 55 percent of voters favor Britain leaving the EU, while 45 percent favor staying in the union.

The number of voters in favor of leaving the EU increased by 4 percent since The Independent’s most recent poll in April. The nationwide referendum will be held June 23.

According to the poll, 78 percent of voters in favor of leaving the EU answered that they will definitely vote in the referendum verses 66 percent of those who favor remaining in the EU.

British Prime Minister David Cameron expressed his concern about the referendum, saying the decision is “bigger than a general election,” during a Buzzfeed Facebook Live event.

“At a general election you pick a team, if you don’t like them you can kick them out in five years’ time. With this, we are going to live with this decision,” he said. “It is very competitive out there. As you go round meeting people — going to businesses, going to schools — it is a huge debate, a lot of people still making up their mind.”

Despite the increase in support for leaving the EU, The Independent’s poll also showed that 52 percent of voters believed the country would remain in the union.

Cameron said he thinks many voters are still undecided.

“In a general election when people say to you ‘I haven’t decided’ that normally means they are being polite but they are definitely not voting for you,” he said. “With this I think people really haven’t decided. So each of the next 13 days is really going to count.”

By Daniel Uria