Neo-Nazi party wins 14 parliament seats in Slovakia

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia,  Neo-Nazi political party “Our Slovakia” picked up 14 parliamentary seats during this weekend’s elections. It’s the first time the political party has won a place in Slovakia’s Parliament.

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico will have to form a coalition government after his ruling party, the Smer-Social Democracy, lost seats to far-right parties like Neo-Nazi group “Our Slovakia.” Photo by Euronews/AOL Console/screenshot















The far-right party, officially called the People’s Party-Our Slovakia, won more than 8 percent of the vote.

Slovakia’s current ruling party, the leftist Smer-Social Democracy, will be forced to forge a coalition government after winning just 29.3 percent of the vote, the equivalent of 49 seats. In 2012, the party secured lone rule with 44.4 percent of the vote.

“As the party that won the election, we have the obligation to try [to] build a meaningful and stable government,” Robert Fico, Smer-Social Democracy party leader and Slovakia’s prime minister, told Russia Today.

Nine political parties gained enough votes to secure parliamentary seats.

Fico and his party took a strong anti-immigrant position in the 2016 election, but it wasn’t enough to hold off the successes of far-right parties like Our Slovakia.

“Even one immigrant is one too many,” Our Slovakia leader Marian Kotleba said in a

By Brooks Hays