Negotiation and political solution but I don’t believe in peace

By Bahdin Sevo Sindi 13th Feb 2016( The New Mail ) … AFP correspondent who interviewed Assad on 12th Feb 2016, regarding peace and fighting terrorism in Middle East.

Negotiation and political solution but I don’t believe in peace
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Bashar Al Assad who drag his country to a civil war for more than five years since March 2011, more than four  million people have left the country during the course of war toward neighboring  countries. Estimated death were more than 470,000 people who died from both sides  according to the United nation estimation in August 2015(Casualties of the Syrian Civil War) Wikipedia.

Syria is characterized by a high rate of “minority” in certain areas and their formation where the majority, such as the Syrian coast and the valley of the Orontes West with the Alawy majority, the Syrian and the island mainly Kurdish – Syria, and Jabal al-Arab with a majority of Druze.

The president of Syria with help of Russia and Hezbollah fought his own people for just one simple reason that { The people wants equal rights}. He created a complex opposition consists of more than 24 militants from Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon,  and some Arab Golf countries, some of them supporting him as a guard and some are fighting each other , Isis is one of them .

Kurds are the largest ethnic minority in Syria and make up nine per cent of the country’s population estimates from 2 million to 2, 5 million. Syrian Kurds have faced routine discrimination and harassment by the government.

Now Assad is offering a negotiation and political action during the interview with AFP, right why this political action has just come out now? Or negotiate with who? This person has completely lost his mind, he still think there is a county called Syria and they will get a democratic system.

By Bahdin Sevo Sindi