Muhammad Ali’s condition ‘very grave’ at Arizona hospital, reports say

PHOENIX- Former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali on Friday spent a second day in an Arizona hospital, where conflicting reports have emerged concerning his condition there.

Referee Joe Walcott pushes boxing champion Muhammad Ali, named Cassius Clay at the time, back from the downed Sonny Liston during their May 25, 1965, heavyweight title fight. Friday, news reports cited sources as saying the legendary athlete was in “grave condition” at an Arizona hospital, where he had reportedly been battling a respiratory illness. UPI Photo

Ali was admitted to a Phoenix-area hospital on Thursday for what was described as a respiratory illness. Most news reports cited sources in reporting the former Olympic gold medalist’s condition was “fair.”

Friday, though, some outlets cited additional sources in reporting his condition may be much more serious. NBC News and other news outlets reported Friday that he was in “grave condition.”

The Los Angeles Times cited sources as saying Ali may only have “hours” to live. The report also said Ali is on life support and that his family is at the hospital.

Also Friday, Phoenix’s ABC 15 reported that emergency personnel had responded to Ali’s home on Tuesday, two days before he entered the hospital.

There was no official word given Friday on the boxing legend’s condition.

Ali’s daughter, Laila, thanked friends, family and fans for their support in a message posted to Facebook.

“Laila’s number one priority is her father’s well-being. She truly appreciates the outpouring of love for her family, as she spends quality time with her dad,” a spokeswoman for the boxer’s daughter said Friday.

Ali, 74, has suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for decades. Doctors say the disease can ultimately lead to various complications, including respiratory difficulties.

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