Ministry of Health: Toll of Karrada bombing reaches 292

Baghdad – Iraqi Ministry of Health announced that the toll of the suicide bombing attack at al-Karrada in central Baghdad has reached to 292.


Minister Adeela Hamoud,in a press statement, said, “The ministry instructed the forensic department to work as usual on Eid al-Fitr vacations and called the citizens to take up DNA tests in order to identify their relatives.”

The statement added, “The minister is staying with the victims’ families at the forensic department to follow up and accelerate the process of DNA sampling and matching.”

“Blood banks have received over 4270 donors, while the number of wounded reached to 200, including 23 persons still at ministry’s hospitals,” the statement added.

Hammoud continued, “The overall toll of al-Karrada bombing reached to 292, including 177 unidentified persons.”