Man with guns arrested near Disneyland Paris entrance

Man-with-guns-arrested-near-Disneyland-Paris-entrance.     PARIS,  A man was arrested with two guns and ammunition Thursday near the entrance to Disneyland Paris. He told police he was armed because he feared for his safety.

French police arrested a man carry two guns and ammunition at a hotel near the entrance to Disneyland Paris on Thursday. He told police he carried the guns because he feared for his safety. Though the man was also carrying a Koran, police do not think he was planning any acts of terrorism. Photo by Aureliefrance/Shutterstock.
















The 28-year-old was not identified by French police, but he is the co-manager of a brasserie in Paris. He was also carrying a Koran, but police do not think it was a potential act of terrorism and he is not known to security forces.

His guns and ammo were found by an X-ray machine “during a routine security screening checkpoint” at Disney’s Hotel New York, near the entrance to the theme park, said Disneyland Paris representative Francois Banon.

“The police were immediately notified and the individual was arrested,” Banon said.

Police are looking for the woman that was with him, but it it not known if she is accused of any crime.

Paris and its outskirts have been tense since the two Islamic attacks at Charlie Hebdo magazine in January and the shooting and suicide bombing in the city in November of last year.

French President Francois Hollande hopes to extend his country’s State of Emergency an additional three months, but human rights groups have opposed the move.

By Shawn Price