Lightning strikes kill nearly 60 people in Bangladesh

Lightning-strikes-kill-nearly-60-people-in-Bangladesh.    DHAKA, Bangladesh, Authorities in Bangladesh reported that 56 people throughout the country were killed by lightning strikes in just two days.

At least 56 people were killed by lightning strikes in just two days across multiple districts in Bangladesh. A total of 90 in Bangladesh people have been killed by lightning this year after Friday, up from 51 throughout all of 2015. A combination of increased lightning activity due to high temperatures and lack of tall trees in rural areas are believed to have caused the number of lightning deaths in the country to increase. Photo by Piotr Krzeslak/

















According to Bangladesh News 24 Hours, at least 33 people were killed by lightning across 12 districts on Thursday and 23 more on Friday, including three people in Rajbarhi.

A week-long heatwave was believed to be the cause of the extreme weather which also injured many people, most of whom were working in farmlands or open spaces, according to police.

90 lightning deaths have been recorded in Bangladesh since March, a sharp increase from 51 total deaths in 2015. It has left people panicking.

Tall trees such as palm trees typically act as conductors for lightning strikes, but a decrease of such trees in rural areas has increased the likelihood that people will be struck instead.

M. Abdul Mannan, a meteorology department official in Dhaka, also noted that change in the climate has led to a steady increase in lightning strikes over several decades.

“As we have recorded, the lightning frequency has been increasing gradually since 1981, due to climate variability and increase in temperature,” he said. “The temperature in the country marked a significant rise this year, which is apparently the cause behind the increased incidents of lightning.”

Head of Bangladesh’s disaster management department, Mohammad Riaz Ahmed, expressed concern over the significant increase in lightning deaths, as thunderstorms are expected to continue through the end of the month.

“We will make all efforts, consulting our scientists and other disaster management experts so that lightning strikes cannot be a that big threat in Bangladesh,” he said.

By Daniel Uria