Libyan forces reclaim Sirte port form Islamic State

Libyan forces reclaim Sirte port form Islamic State.  SIRTE, Libya, Forces in Libya say they reclaimed parts of the port city of Sirte which had been used as a stronghold for the Islamic State.

Libyan forces reclaim Sirte port form Islamic State

Spokesman Ahmed Hadia told the BBC that Islamic state forces in the city had weakened, but “not totally broken down,” as troops moved closer to the city center following air and missile strikes earlier in the week.

Government officials said two soldiers were killed and eight were wounded in the conflicts, which centered around the Ougadougou conference center.

The Libyan forces, who were backed by the United Nations unity government in Tripoli, were met with resistance by the Islamic state on Sunday including sniper fire and three suicide car bombs CNN reported.

The unity government was formed about two months ago and successfully captured the city’s airport and seaport earlier in the week.

Troops said they were bracing for fighting in the streets, which have been lined with vehicles containing explosives, as they continue to move toward the center of the city.

“We are fighting between houses, on the streets, and we won’t back down before we eliminate them,” one soldier told The Guardian.

By Daniel Uria