Kurdistan has all the requirements for becoming an independent state



Kurdistan has all the requirements for becoming an independent state. Feb -12 -2016 The New Mail    Kurdistan is a place where many countries still regard as northern part of Iraq. A decade ago Kurdistan was a de-facto region, and now I can say it looks like a de-facto country with if you consider the regional conditions.

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Although Kurdistan has many enemies who cannot tolerate an independent Kurdistan but Kurdistan has all the requirements for becoming an independent state(land, people, language, military force (Peshmarga) and independent economy…etc).

In addition to all these, another very important thing is that the Kurdish forces (The Peshmarga), on behalf of all the world, on the ground fighting against terrorism and ISIS in the region. ISIS is indeed not only a threat to us the Kurds but a threat to the security of the whole world.

Numerous victories against ISI Shave been achieved and Peshmarga was able to stop ISIS progress into Kurdistan territory and they recaptured many significant areas which were previously fallen in hand of ISIS.

Kurdistan government is fighting against terrorism. Which signals a very important message to the world and shows that they are for peace and that if they acquire independence and separate from Iraq, it constitutes peace and security in the region?

The thing I like refer to is that Kurdistan now has faced a major economic crisis and the causes are clear. One of the main causes of the crisis is that the central government of Iraq does not finance Kurdistan’s budget; the second reason is the severe decline of oil price, which is the only source of income in Kurdistan. And two very important causes are spending money for the fight against ISIS and sheltering the Syrian and Iraqi refugees in this region.

Kurdistan is comprised of five provinces; the population of Kurdistan is around 5 million, and has sheltered 1.5 m refugees there. According to the media, turkey shelters around two million refugees of ISIS crisis; there is a lot of difference between the capacity of Turkey and the capacity of Kurdistan. Turkey is a big country and has a much stronger economy but Kurdistan has only five, relatively small, provinces. It’s too small to stand such an economic pressure. The European Union amounted three billion dollars in aid to refugees in Turkey, which in comparison to the assistance given to Kurdistan, it is much more.

We know that the Kurdistan Regional Government must have worked to have other sources of income for its economy and not exclusively rely on the oil, but this single source of income status is due to various reasons for which the Kurdistan Regional Government must certainly have the justifications and reasonable answers for it.


What I want to focus on is that it is an international responsibility to aid Kurdistan to pass this complex economic crisis in Kurdistan, because the economic situation is so hard that the government is even unable to pay its civil servant salaries. This is likely to have a negative effect on its winning of war on ISIS.

The government is unable to provide the estimated needs of the war and other facilities related to the war against ISIS and will bring unpleasing unpleasant consequences to the region.

It seems, cooperation with Kurdistan in this situation is more than necessary to topple ISIS, and I think it is better to destroy ISIS right now; otherwise, the organization will no doubt spread to the other places, and if this happens, it will be more complicated.

Another important issue is the migration of people to the west (Europe and North America)which has created a big crisis for the western countries, granted the economic downturn is the main cause of the migration influx of the people of Kurdistan. The best way to stop this wave of migration is to financially aid Kurdistan, which could significantly reduce the migration to the west and it will indeed be aiding to achieve the ultimate winning of the war on ISIS on the ground.

By Kareem Kawa rayati

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