Kurdistan declares independence, and yes it is the right time

By Bahdin Sevo Sindi. Kurdistan May 20 – 2016, The New Mail.  Kurdistan declares independence, and yes it is the right time. Since the dawn of history Kurdistan struggling for independence, for Kurd’s to enjoy a free and dignified life.

Kurdistan declares independence, and yes it is the right time
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Kurd has fought generation after generation for independence and subjected to various kinds of persecution by the dominant governments , who tried to blur the Kurdish identity by brutal ways. Like mass murder,  forced displacement, and torture in dark prisons, changing the Kurdish language by following  Arabization policy in Iraq and Syria , and the same policy in Iran and Turkey. In spite of all kinds of persecution and repression, Kurds did not succumb to any of these governments , but they fought and resisted fiercely and bravery revolted against those governments  to claims the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people. The 2016 referendum for independence of Kurdistan has become a reality now, And Kurdistan is preparing for the independence of the efforts of President Masoud Barzani, who works very hard since 2012 in order to achieve it.About the  independence of Kurdistan , I had the honour to meet with political analyst  Sero Qadir, and we had the following dialogue:

As we know that the independence of Kurdistan will be announced soon, can you tell me how soon, and what is the preparation for it? The  President Massoud Barzani is preparing for independence process since late 2012, And it gets discussed between the internal and external relationships also works through the diplomatic relations . But it was delayed two years because of the war with Daash (Isis), And we defeated Daash  by our heroes (Peshmerga). The defeat of Daash by the Peshmerga made the Kurdish people renown  internationally , then we got more help and support by the international community, Daash’s war on Kurdistan was to  thwart the independence process, but the outcome of the war has become in favour of independence. The  President Massoud Barzani has a very good experience in international politics, and he has the experience to earn the confidence of the international community about the Kurdish issue and to persuade the Iraqi government and Politian’s.   President Barzani wants to be a peaceful independence process not by war my intention war with Iraq, we were at the war with Iraq 100 years, but now we don’t need this and it has to be a peaceful process. During 13 years Iraq had a good opportunity to have a joint government especially to give Kurds their rights but it failed; now we still can live together but everyone on its own state. So always President Barzani is trying to deal with Iraq quietly, And he is trying independence to be commensurate with the international interests and with many countries such as USA, Europe, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel , All these countries have a  common interests in the Middle East, President Barzani works that the Kurdistan’s independence will suit the interests of these countries .I hope the independence will be declared this year 2016 or next year. We believe in co-existence of all religions and minorities, again when we will declare the independence this belongs to the president Massoud Barzani and he knows the exact timely.

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What is the reaction of the neighbouring countries, especially Iran and Iraq? As I indicated earlier, President Barzani wants the process of independence to be understandable, and he is continually in conversed regarding this matter with Iran and Turkey, they must convince that there will not be any hostile force against Kurdistan. Turkey is not against the independence of its economic and strategic interest, Iran announced its non-acceptance but Iran cannot put a military pressure on Kurdistan and we hope that Iran’s policy will change in respect of Kurdish Issue . Even if Iran put a pressure on us, the Influential power in the Middle East are our allies will support us and Iran cannot do anything.

The recent conflict between PKK and Turkey, did this conflict affect the relationship between KRG and Turkish government? Kurdistan Regional Government had a role in the peace process in Northern Kurdistan, since 2000 the President Massoud Barzani was and still emphasises peaceful solution between PKK and Turkey, trying his best with both sides. In 2003 Barzani tried hard to get an international’s attentions to North Kurdistan, this has held secret negotiations between PKK and Turkish government in 2006, not until 2010 when it became publicly. In this session deputy, Prime Minister of Turkey with representatives of PKK has attended and they agreed to ceasefire, But Erdogan has to withdraw this agreement with regret . The PKK in cooperation with Iran sabotage that led to derail the peace process, this led to the outbreak of war in Turkey again and bloodshed in the streets, and in this war, both sides were accused Turkey and PKK. The Kurds needs to be wary of Turkey because of it’s a colonial country, and PKK did not keep the peace process , also this war on Isis Kurds had a good reputation at the global level, and PKK could not keep this reputation either. Now the PKK to mend the situation and to moderate somewhat in their policy in favour of the Kurds issue with Turkey, and the war on Turkey Street must stop. PKK must  co-operate with the KRG in any peace talks with Turkey, even when we declare the independent we will continue to support North Kurdistan in peaceful ways , and we hope that the PKK will not  act any of sabotage against KRG. The independence will be declared officially in South Kurdistan, but in future time will not just be the South, it will cover the West of Kurdistan in the short term , therefore we need to wait for the military actions in the area.

The independence is a Kurdish dream, is there Kurds against this dream, such as political parties? There are no oppositions in principle, but there are some parties under an influence of Iran in the geopolitical role in Sulaymaniyah area, and some administrative of PUK party, the Change party and Islamic parties.  With the pressure of Iran they trying to obstruct the process of independence, claiming it’s not the right time for it, and they made chaos in parliament and some cities to not be able to achieve the independence, we know that these pressures are from Iran to stop Kurdish dream, this is in South of Kurdistan, as for the North the PKK  is one of the obstacles against the independence process and must be dealt with it soon. Also, Iran not accepting the independence.

Kurdistan is one of the victims of Sykes-Picot agreement that was signed between France and Britain, what is the support of both countries for the independence of Kurdistan? According to the International Convention both of these countries are  involved in the military action against Daash, to support Kurdistan , especially France the friend of Kurdish nation , as we can remember in 1991 when Danielle Mitterrand President of France’ wife at the historical Kurdish mother as known and  Franceou Mitterrand  President of France from 1981 to 1995. When they set up a no-fly zone in Kurdistan in order to make Iraqi no-fly zones. Even Britain are supporting the independence, as I can remember couple years ago the British Foreign Minister David Cameron’s Brother has told President Barzani it is your right to declare an independence. It’s worth mentioning that the British government has divided the Middle East Hundred year ago, now they are struggling on how to resolve this issue.

How many of foreign countries are supporting the independence of Kurdistan, and what is your relationship with them? I have no idea how many countries because we haven’t declared the independence yet, but generally, they are too many countries who support us roughly they are more than 40 countries. There are some countries who declared publicly they will protect us after independence, such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, some European countries like France,  Czechoslovakia and Russia.

How about Kurdistan Map, how would you draw the Border and who is going to help? The border will be drawn by the power of Kurdistan because our Peshmerga  is drawing  the border of Kurdistan by their Blood, so wherever  they stopped it will be the point of  the border, and it will be recognised by the international community. Until now some areas are not under the control of Kurdish force, for example, Nineveh area its not only a Kurdish area in order to be controlled by Kurdish force, from  Rabia to Khanaqin consists of a combination of the Kurdish people position morally of Peshmerga is to keep, protect and ensure their presence. When Iraqi army has left them alone, it gave Daash and other military forces a big opportunity to kill these components under the pretext of religion, As well as the international community calls for the Peshmerga to protect these religious and communities. There is a big possibility that after the liberation of Mosul  Peshmerga will advance its position, and Mosul will be divided into two parts the right side and the left, There will not be the province of Mosul, therefore we have to follow our Peshmarga wherever they stopped it will be the Kurdistan’s border.

As you mentioned earlier, the Peshmerga will draw Kurdistan border, is there any expertise from different countries who willing to draw this border with you by scientific ways? Wherever the Peshmerga stopped, then we will call for expertise to draw the border, it is an easy process and installation is done according to international norms and principles.

Are you prepared for after independence, and have you planned for it? Of course and we are ready since 25 years, we intend to have a strong military base, strong economy and a very good humanitarian relationship with any nation, And we must strengthen our relations and common interests with friendly countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey , these three counties significantly support Kurdistan and have interest with us. We will be a civil and peaceful state, with all sects homogeneous and religions, and will be a democratic state, we have huge financial resources, Also, we can take advantage of the last twenty-five years’ experience. As well as we have an international support , a few days  Ban Ki-moon General Secretary of the United Nations and the World bank president have met with Barzani and they promised to support Kurdistan in reform process, since last year the UN Secretary has visited Kurdistan Three times, This shows that  Kurdistan is an independent state even before the announcement.

Why some political parties wants an alternative President? Before  ending  the presidential term war started with Isis, and the President Masud Barzani fought Isis with all his effort and force along with 1400 km, changing the President was an idea for some politic parties like Change party and some of PUK’s administrative, under pressure and support of Iran. President Barzani announced in 2013 that he won’t be the President forever , but practically he is the only one who is fighting Isis and made the Kurdish force start from Zakho to Khanqin, meanwhile there is no alternative for him, And the international community  dealing with him  as President. So we and the whole World don’t care about them .

Why is PKK against the independence of Kurdistan? It is PKK’s problem, PKK is a  mixture of the political party  like Turkish left wing.The Kurdish community who kept PKK otherwise they are just a sample of Turkish left wing. PKK  is one of the parties that originated in the wild, who murdered most of their commanders, their administrative still on terror list, they are  based on the mountain , and not open to the World, they don’t have communication with international communities  liken the cave man far away from civilisation. In Qandil mountain their leader’s ideas dating back to the seventies a racism and inequality time. They need to connect with this World and have an advance conversations to be able to cope with this reality. Otherwise, Kurdish leaders such as West Kurdistan they are very educated and open minded they understand the political situations. But PKK’s leaders have only the gun on their mind nothing else, therefore, it’s impossible to deal with people like this. Why they don’t like independence ? Even they don’t know and we don’t understand, but there is only one meaning that the PKK build on  the basis of the mafia, the  mafia set up on the basis of individual interests only, and they want to deal with any issue by force and  this is their confessions. PKK’s help to Iran in order to fail the independence it’s only a mafia action, but morally it is a betrayal to all Kurds.

Kurdistan with the effort of President Barzani helped North Kurdistan, as we can see now there are many of Kurdish people from Turkey who immigrated to live in Kurdistan and found  a safe home within the limits of possibilities, such as  education, health, and jobs, Why PKK do not take all this into consideration? Because there is no homeland nor national for the mafia, They have a specific geographical are and want to rule it, such as drug mafia who want a road from Pakistan to Europe, Italian wanted to control the policy and economy without having a specific geographical land. And PKK is mad from the Turkish left wing, the evidence that the 40 years of struggle they reunited with some Turkish left-wing parties, and these parties have no reputation in Turkey, these parties are illegal and not recognized internationally, so up to now PKK are on the terrors  list and it won’t be removed.

By. Bahdin Sevo Sindi

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