Kangaroos meet for ‘date’ in front of rising moon

MARGARET RIVER , Australia, A pair of kangaroos came together for a “date” underneath the light of a rising moon on a hill in Australia.








A photographer from the Margaret River Discovery Co. shared a photo of the two kangaroos that he came upon after helping an abandoned baby lamb.
“I was pretty happy to find a new trail that could be useful for future tours,” the photographer wrote. “I’d been wandering around in the bush and looked back up the hill to see these two roos getting a bit amorous.”

The moment nearly passed the lucky photographer by as the old, “clunky” camera, which the photographer initially left behind, experienced a series of technical problems before pulling through in an act of Karma.

“At that moment I think nature decided to give one back to me for the lamb rescue,” the photographer wrote. “Camera started working, Kangaroos moved a bit closer, Moon in perfect position, click click click click. Got it!”

By Daniel Uria