Judge freezes former Argentine President Kirchner’s assets

BUENOS AIRES, Former President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner had her assets frozen Wednesday by a Buenos Aires judge over accusations of financial irregularities.








In May, Kirchner was charged with ordering fraudulent central bank transactions in the U.S. dollar futures market during her final months as president last year. The investigation against Kirchner is led by Buenos Aires Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio, a declared opponent of the former president.

Kirchner has denied the allegations against her, accusing the recently established government under President Mauricio Macri of political persecution. Macri was sworn in Dec. 10.

Kirchner on Wednesday filed a complaint against Bonadio and Argentine congresswoman Margarita Stolbizer, who accuse Kirchner of hiding millions of Argentine pesos. Kirchner said the accusations have been made without evidence.

“The harassment by what I call the ‘judicial party’ has become ridiculous,” Kirchner said Wednesday during a press conference. “All the time I’ve spent at the court has not only been for the notification I received, it was for the complaint I filed against Bonadio and Mrs. Stolbizer because of the false accusations they’ve been making against me … If evil is compounded by ignorance, then it’s a dangerous cocktail.”

Some of Kirchner’s closest aides are being investigated for alleged mishandling of public funds. Jose Lopez, one of Kirchner’s top public works officials, was arrested on suspicion of money laundering after he was caught throwing bags filled with $9 million over the walls of a monastery in the Buenos Aires province.

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