Israeli soliders banned from playing ‘Pokemon Go’ at military bases

JERUSALEM, The Israeli military announced popular smartphone game Pokemon Go has been banned on all of the country’s bases due to security concerns.


The military’s Information Security Division announced the augmented reality game would not be allowed at military installations due in part to fears the game’s camera and location-sensing GPS features could be exploited by hostile elements.

The division said officials are also concerned about look-alike apps posing as Pokemon Go that are designed to collect data.

“The game is a source for gathering information!” the department said in a warning issued to soldiers and enlisted officers. “The game cannot be used on an army base!”

The Israeli military has been cracking down on social media use by soldiers, who are forbidden from disclosing that they are serving online.

The Israeli Navy previously posted a photo on Facebook showing a service member holding a Pokeball and facing off against a Gyarados, a powerful water Pokemon.

The post boasted of “Pokemon that only we can catch.”