Israeli police say they’re investigating Prime Minister Netanyahu

Court proceedings this week confirm police are investigating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


Police mentioned the investigation in a gag order to block reporting on negotiations between prosecutors and Netanyahu’s former chief of staff, who will testify against the prime minister, Bloomberg reported. Police have two separate investigations that involve Netanyahu, looking into claims of fraud, bribery and breach of trust, the Guardian reported.

Thursday’s court filings mark the first police disclosure of crimes Netanyahu is suspected of committing. Police have probed his family for possible corruption since at least the beginning of this year.
But some in Israel now speculate Netanyahu could soon face an indictment. Local media report police are investigating claims that Netanyahu worked with an Israeli newspaper to combat another publication and that the prime minister accepted gifts from businessmen.

His chief of staff, Ari Harow, will likely escape a prison sentence in another breach of trust case, because of his deal with prosecutors to testify against Netanyahu.

Netanyahu has said the investigations are politically motivated and called them “background noise” in a post to his Facebook page.

By Sam Howard