Israel strikes terror cell after drone attack on troops

Israel’s military struck a terror cell Saturday in southern Gaza to retaliate for a drone that dropped an explosive device.

Palestinian boys run for cover during the clashes after Friday protests near the border between Israel and Gaza Strip. Photo by Mohammed Saber

Israel Defense Forces troops were not injured from the drone attack.

Still, a IDF Twitter post Saturday said that there was slight damage to a military vehicle.

“A terror squad in Gaza launched a drone into Israel that dropped what appears to be an explosive device; an IDF vehicle was lightly damaged” the IDF post read. “In response, we targeted the terror squad responsible for launching the drone.”

The terror cell was hit in the southern Gaza strip near Rafah, according to Palestinian reports.

Before this strike, Israel retaliated for five rockets launched toward Israel from the Gaza Strip overnight Friday with attack on several Hamas targets.

An airstrike and a tank targeted the Hamas targets near the border with Israel in the northern Strip.

The five rockets came a few hours after two Palestinians were killed in border protests. Ali Al-Ashqar, 17, was fatally shot east of Jabalya, and Khaled Abu Bakr al-Rubiae, 14, was shot dead east of Gaza City. At least 66 were injured in the protests including 38 from the gunfire.

No injuries were reported from these rockets, but two women were treated for shock.

BySommer Brokaw